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Especial Cruceros

Island Tour
To get to know and love the island Tenerife is an incredible time spent in various landscapes and cultures.
You will feel enveloped by the warmth and lifestyle of the local people. You will take with you an experience not only photographic but also vital from the national and rural parks included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Distance: 90 km
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Difficulty: easy

• Return journey from Santa Cruz for the reserved tour.
• You will be shown the most characteristic landscapes of the island and their different local flora and fauna.
• A visit to a local vineyard or market, to discover the delicious gastronomy of the island.
• To leave the noise and stresses of the city behind, and spend time in the unique landscapes and towns, where you can enjoy the silence and stillness that these places offer.
• An exclusive and private experience with your guide and a maximum of 7 guests.

It includes
• Transport
• Accredited guide in English or Spanish
• Insurance & Liability

Especial Cruceros

Especial Cruceros
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