An afternoon at Teide

Atardecer en el Teide

Close to the sky
Magec, the sun god, retires for the night, and we will be the guardians of the evening. As the first stars of the evening appear we will walk in the unique surroundings of this world, it will be a time that you will never forget. In the stillness of this spectacular landscape you will feel the expanse of nature that is characterised by such diverse ecosystems in such a small territory.

  • Distance: 50 km
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Difficulty: easy

• A visit to Teide National Park after midday to appreciate the flora and fauna.
• Sunset in the scenic, volcanic setting.
• An exclusive and private experience with your guide and a maximum of 7 guestss.

It includes
• Transport
• Accredited guide in English or Spanish
• Insurance & Liability

Atardecer en el Teide

PAtardecer en el Teide
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